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Pellet Stoves are Popular for Home Heating

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We’re well into fall and that means chillier days and nights, so attention is now turning to sources of heat.

For most people that just means turning on the gas or oil heat, but others are choosing alternative sources for warmth, such as multi-fuel and pellet stoves.

Though colder, winter-like temperatures are still probably several weeks away, people are starting to buy new pellet stoves or they are getting the maintenance done on their existing ones. The sales of pellet stoves have been up for the last three months or so.

The popularity of pellet stoves started back in the 1980s and their popularity has remained mostly because they’re generally regarded as cleaner and more convenient than wood burning stoves or fireplaces.

While in recent years more pellets have been made through environmentally-friendly processes such as using pressed sawdust, traditional wood pellets remain the best seller. Most wood pellets are made by producers who obtain leftover sawdust from manufacturers such as furniture makers.

Wood pellet stoves are by far the most popular stoves. However, depending on the availability of fuel, multi-fuel stoves are also becoming more and more popular.

For information on pellet and multi-fuel stoves, contact St. Croix Stoves.

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